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Hardware Integration Services

Hardware is often an overlooked component in integration projects. This is a mistake that can cost a programme daily. The time needed to rectify a hardware issue is unlikely to be recoverable leading to delay in service launch. The costs involved can be many times those associated with a software issue even requiring a product recall. Many purchasers of Hardware do not have the background or facilities needed to assess products in detail. This is where WeltraumSoft can help. Advocates for our clients, we speak the language of the hardware manufacturer and have the specialist knowledge needed to drive for quality in your product. Hardware focus on data collection equipment and wireless infrastructure.

Software development at the hardware level differs drastically from one operating system to another. In fact, that is one of the main reasons that cross-platform languages and frameworks, usually avoid providing default services at the hardware level, there is simply too much variety to provide a consistent interface across all of them.

Top Benefits of Hardware Integration

Smooth processing

With hardware integration, the Revel Point of Sale communicates effortlessly with the hardware attached ensuring uninterrupted processing when using.

Quick service

No need to anticipate hardware communication errors with Revel's hardware integration. Service is sure to be quick and easy.

Top of the line hardware

Revel's Ipad POS system integrates with top of the line hardware including the Honeywell 1400g bar-code scanner, Epson T88 receipt printer, Bracknell 6720U scale and ID Tech stationery card swipe to name a few.

Variety of hardware integrations

Revel makes sure that its iPad Point of Sale system integrates with a variety of hardware including printers, card swipes, scanners, Bluetooth keyboards and scales.

Door Lock Interface

Door lock system which is used as wireless, door locks system is used by a key cards or physical keys. The software provides Door Lock service for hotels; lodge etc for the safety of Hotels and the customers. This system interfaces with a unique lock code for each reservation. The code is only valid during the guests stay.

Cash drawer

A cash register is also refers to mechanical or electronic device for registering and calculating transactions at a point of sale. It is usually attached to a drawer for storing cash and other valuables.

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