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Hybrid App Development

We design hybrid application (hybrid app) is one that combines elements of both native and Web applications. Native applications are developed for a specific platform and installed on a computing device. Web applications are generalized for multiple platforms and not installed locally but made available over the Internet through a browser. Hybrid apps are often mentioned in the context of mobile computing. Design as your business need.

Hybrid apps combine characteristics of native and web-based applications. They are considered to be a cost effective way to provide compatibility with different platforms. We have huge expertise in hybrid mobile app development offering the best user experience. With years of experience in the industry, we have gained enough knowledge in hybrid app development field.

Hybrid application features:

  • Can function whether or not the device is connected.
  • Integration with a device's file system.
  • Integration with Web-based services.
  • An embedded browser to improve access to dynamic online content.

  • Hybrid apps are coded through the HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It reduces the development time, cost, and complexity as a same code can be reused for diverse mobile operating systems. Hybrid apps are hosted inside of a native application which employ a mobile platform’s WebView (a browser bundled inside of a mobile application, so to speak). In rudimentary terms, some may say that a hybrid app is a website packaged in a native wrapper.

    Hybrid apps are developed for numerous platforms. Identical HTML code can be applied and reused on more than one mobile operating system. Simply put, when you solicit the development of a hybrid app, your end-product will immediately work on most modern Smartphone's and tablets. When you’re allowed to design and code across platforms in this manner your development costs are significantly reduced.

    Development Speed

    Hybrid apps are often favoured by businesses seeking to put something out on the market for mass consumption as soon as possible. Again, because the same HTML code is reused for differing operating systems and only a portion of the integrated native code needs to be rewritten, the app will be outfitted to work on multiple devices in the quickest time possible. Well-known for their web-based project management tool, Basecamp recently noted the speed of hybrid development when devising their new iPhone and Android app.

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