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Web Reporting Tools or Web-Based Reporting Tools are tools which enable the viewing, creation, and editing of reports via a web interface such as a web browser. Web reporting tools can be standalone or embedded in 3rd party applications, often done with the help of API (Application Program Interface) sets.In these cases, the ability to white label and customize a web reporting tool to match the look and feel of the outer lying web application is often essential.

The main goal of Weltraum Software in web reporting is presenting data in an actionable format via the web.

Reporting as a whole, is used in an early part of the data analysis process and serves to present data in a visual and often interactive way for further data discovery or data analysis. The levels of interactivity from report to report and from platform to platform can range widely. Common types of interactions web reporting tools provide are the ability to sort and filter data, drill through different semantic layers of data and export data to other systems for further analysis. All of the interactive options culminate in providing users with the ability to dig deeper into data.

A web report is an interactive document that is compatible with most browsers. Many of the interactive features of pivot tables available in the Viewer are also available in web reports.

Report Title.

The title that is displayed in the header of the report. By default, the file name is used.

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