Weltraum Payroll Software

The Software is integrated and it can be integrated any type of attendance machine available in market with little customization.

The biggest strength of Weltraum Payroll software is its flexibility and power to handle any type of salary structure. Each month, all you need to process employee salaries is to click a button.

All statutory deductions are automatically handled by the payroll software as per law. Of course, you can further tune a variety of parameters to make this suit the specific needs of your company.

WELTRAUM PAYROLL is simple application to manage the employee attendance, leave and salary.

Employee Master:

The personnel file or employee record contains the master data of all details pertaining to an employee. Details captured here start from the time an employee joins the organization, and includes personal details, employment contract details like salary, pay grade, joining date, designation, team, division, etc. Multiple tabs are available to capture information including family details, educational qualifications, previous designations, leave balances, loans/advances, etc. A document archive is provided to attach electronic documents (such as resumes, passport copy etc.) It is a central repository that provides access to all the relevant information pertaining to an employee.

Pay Method :

  • Here you can define flexible Pay methods, Such as Monthly Salary , weekly, bimonthly etc
  • Days: which number of day is considered for selected salary pay method or you can select the parameter from list.
  • example: Define Monthly salary = 1 Month instead of 30days.
  • Shift Master:

  • The Master Record to keep track on each shift and their timings.
  • There is some extra setting such as End of Next day and Effective for Shift Rotation.

  • 1) End of Next day:-

    The Shift may started day before and it may closes at next day. In such cases you must check mark the End on next day option.

    2) Effective for Shift Rotation:-
    This will effect regularly on the basis of shift rotation.

    [For example: If employee is enable for shift changing on a specified day. Before shift change he may be on day shift, after shift rotation process he may assigns night shift as per rule defined. So here 2 shift are considered one is Day shift and another is Night shift. So that if such case the Day Shift and Night Shift should be defined as Effective for shift rotation.]


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